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Welcome to the Min-I-Kota Pinto Horse Association!

      Min-I-Kota Pinto is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization and a sanctioned charter of the Pinto Horse Association of America. Min-I-Kota Pinto is a multi-state charter including Iowa and South Dakota.   We sponsor two horse shows a year between May and September that are open to any qualified Pintos and their riders. Our shows feature events for riders and non-riders of all ages, and we welcome beginners and seasoned exhibitors alike.   We love our Pintos, and our enthusiasm makes us a fun and friendly group. We pride ourselves on fostering good horsemanship and sportsmanship at our shows. We also sponsor social events throughout the year.   Explore the links above to find out more about us and the horses we love. If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact us at   We hope to see you at a show soon!




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